About Us

Cambridge Writers is an organisation of both published and unpublished writers in Cambridge (U.K.) and nearby towns and villages. It has been in existence for about 60 years. Currently it has about 80 members.

Its purpose is to give mutual self-help to:

  • encourage members to write regularly;
  • improve the quality of their writing;
  • experiment by attempting new writing forms;
  • learn the skills necessary for critical assessment of their writing;
  • give an awareness of possible publishing outlets.

Writers of different genres meet to discuss their work regularly: see the information on our writing groups.

Monthly Newsletter

Every member gets a free monthly Newsletter. This has details of local and national events of interest to writers, competitions and courses.

It also contains reports on members' writing that has been read out at the groups.

You may receive this Newsletter as either a pdf attachment to an e-mail, or by post.

The news letter editor is  Tim Love.

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