Writing for Children

We meet monthly throughout the year on the 1st Thursday of the month.

We have a lot of fun in our critique group discussing strange worlds as they take shape and the creatures in them. We have long debates; would such and such an animal do that? How does the technology in a strange world relate to ours? Could he do something dafter? All serious questions in this context.

An example

The Oomingmak has found new friends and by working together they have wandered far and wide to achieve great things. A disturbing stranger has helped a boy to get through terrible times by sometimes terrible means. Children have been lost in a parallel universe where they are not welcome. The Mess Monster continues to mess up despite his best efforts to do as he is told. The social structure of a world deep Underground is being explored.

The hard work is paying off and books have been completed and sent to agents and publishers.

We look forward to meeting new members and exploring exciting new worlds and brave, re-sourceful new characters. And some who have to overcome adversity without recourse to bravery or resoucefulness.