Tuesday, 1. Nov 2011 - workshop "People who need people"


Tim Love

Most authors desperately need characters but how can they find them? Introspection? Using family and friends? Wandering about pubs? And when they find the right people how should they treat them - like galley slaves (Nabokov) or should the author just put them in a room and wait to see what happens (Beryl Bainbridge)? Tim Love will introduce a series of workshop exercises to help you develop your characters so that readers might recognise them if they met them in the street. Bring paper and pen.

Tim Love's a longstanding member of Cambridge Writers. His poetry collection, "Moving Parts" (Happenstance) came out in 2010. His booklet of short stories, "By All Means", will be published later this year by "Nine Arches Press".

Meetings are held at Hartington Grove Friends' Meeting House, from 7.30 pm to about 9.30. Hartington Grove runs between Hills Road and Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge.

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