Tuesday, 6th Mar 2012 - Annual General Meeting

The AGM is when all members of Cambridge Writers can learn what the committee's been up to on their behalf during the past year and vote on ideas for the future.  It's also an opportunity to raise suggestions for improving the service we provide to the membership. The committee functions largely by e-mail, meeting together only 3 or 4 times per year and each member takes on one job so nobody is overburdened. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, our secretary and publicity officer will both be standing down after the AGM.  If you think you could help in either capacity or would like to know more about what is involved please contact Helen Culnane (MHC456@tiscali.co.uk).

The aim is to keep AGM business brisk and to the point before, in honour of the Olympic year, we hold our own Writing Olympics.  As with all sports, it's the participating that counts but gold medals will be awarded in word games such as word ping-pong, long sentencing and the writing relay race.

There will be some uncertainty about our meeting venues as long as the pandemic disruption lasts. Please check ahead to see where we’ll be meeting.


Non-members are welcome to attend these meetings (except the Annual General Meeting) at a charge of £3.

JUST THINK - If you join, you get all this, plus the working groups, plus free to enter competitions, plus a monthly Newsletter for only £20 a year!