David has had a varied career.  Initially he was a university lecturer, teaching immunology to medical, veterinary and science students, and researching parasitic diseases that are common to man and animals.  He has worked mainly in Cambridge, but also in Kenya,  Somalia (long before the current turmoil in that heartbreakingly beautiful country), the United States and in Germany.  He then worked in university administration, responsible for the biological science departments and veterinary medicine, before turning to making instructional films for various commercial clients on such diverse topics as legal secretarial work and castration of lambs.  David has been writing fiction for most of his life, and his novel Gifts from Unfaithful Women is now available as a Kindle eBook and a paperback .  His next novel How does a Man Know? will be published in 2013. 

14 October 2012

David has a blog at http://davidfrankscambridge.wordpress.com/


Selected Works

The Cloth the Fates have Woven (2013)

Won second prize at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2013.

Gifts from Unfaithful Women - a novel (2012)


‘You know, living with someone is like insider share dealing,’ Judith said. ‘One partner knows something that gives her an advantage; she thinks she can’t go wrong. But she has misunderstood. She finds that her partner’s emotional capital belongs to someone else. Like yours belongs to Mary Gilson.’


James, thirty-two, is a geologist with a successful career, but he is struggling to make sense of his personal life. His partner, Mary, elegant, selfish, and deceitful, leaves him, suddenly, to marry his boyhood friend, Henry. James goes to work at a new mine in Australia, to get as far away as possible from her, and lays the foundation for his reputation as a practical man, not afraid to get his hands dirty. He returns to England, meets Henry by accident, and, despite misgivings, renews his friendship with Henry and Mary, wondering if he will see the wreckage of their marriage, but his life is changed by what he discovers.

He meets Judith, clever, a sensual woman and a wonderful lover, and they live together, but James discovers that she is unfaithful, and they part. James wonders if he is attracted only to women who will be unfaithful, or are women unfaithful because of some fault in himself? He also wonders if it will take a miracle to give him a life with a woman he can trust, and he knows that miracles do not happen. Or do they?

Gifts from Unfaithful Women is available now from Amazon as a Kindle eBook and a paperback . 

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