I was born in Devon, but Cornwall beckoned from just across the Tamar, many of my ancestors were Cornish and my mother transferred to a nursing home in Saltash the day after my birth, so I think of myself as a Celt. I could say a lot more about my background, but I’ll skip all that David Copperfield kind of crap. In any case, it can be found in brief on my website. As a member of CW for eight years now, if an irregular attender, I’ve been grateful for the support, as well as impressed by the ability of listeners to comment helpfully on a piece after a single hearing – a skill I have yet to acquire.


Beryl (2017)

Won second prize at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2107

Requital (2016)

Awarded Third Prize at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2016.

Tracking James (2014)

Highly commended in Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2014.

Wimbledon to Wood Green (2014)

Awarded first prize in Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2014.

Such Fine Boys (2013)


‘Chance, as they say, is a fine thing, so when it does come you have to seize it. Sure, it might burn you, might freeze you, might turn you to dust and ashes. But it’s the one thing that matters in the end, and you simply have to go for it.’

On a visit to Yorkshire in the mid-1980s, Matt meets Billy. The love that develops between them, however, is constantly menaced, not least by the insanely possessive and malevolent Arthur, and after passing through stormy waters the relationship is abruptly broken off. Then something brings the boys together again. Something yet more threatening than anything they have previously faced.

Available as an e-book and as a paperback.


Bones of Contention: an occasional series