Catherine writes short stories for adults and children.  She has had some success with both audiences and is now working on her first longer piece, a middle grade fantasy novel set on the Norfolk Coast.

She works for a video production agency in Cambridge and has previously worked in broadcast TV and theatre.  She spent some years touring NZ and the UK performing narrative based improv comedy.  It was here she learnt the art of storytelling and the power of collective imagination.  Surprised at the wondrous characters and narratives that her mind spontaneously invented for the stage she began to wonder if she may have a calling for storytelling for children…

Originally from New Zealand she now lives in a small village near Cambridge which couldn’t be more English if it tried.  She no longer misses the sun and has learnt to turn the long winters into opportunities to hide away and write.

Selected Works

The Descent of Man (2016)

Received Highly Recommended at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2016.