Simon L'etoile : Black Widow & Me

Simon L’etoile: Black Widow & Me is the story of a fictional rock band from the 1980s. It is told as a memoir, through the eyes of the lead singer, Simon L’etoile. Following the band and its members through touring and recording, to great success when they play festivals and have chart hits – but then hit the rocks with a bang!

Simon meets his partner Claire at a gig in the Cambridge Corn Exchange. The story charts their relationship and how they help each other through good times and bad. Their meeting was for-seen in the stars. Claire goes on tour and fits in well with most of the band, but Colin, the drummer is not happy. He goes through trauma on meeting his birth parent. The guitarist kops a strop at being replaced on his best song by an American drug-dealing upstart, and when Simon suffers exhaustion it may be the end of the band? Until, in the 2000s a rap artist has a hit with a Black Widow song and this propels the band back into the spotlight. They do some reunion shows before retiring satisfied that they have made their mark on the rock scene.

This is a heart-warming story of ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’… a young man of the 80s dream fulfilled. It is about an old music industry where LPs sold made a group or artist and where freedom of doing existed. We shall never see the same again…Go, Black Widow!

Relive the 1980s. Enjoy!

In 2019 I shall be bringing out a new edition of my fictional 1980s rock memoir, Simon l'etoile: Black Widow & Me. This will be the second edition of this thin volume. It is available on the publication website  from now.



11. Dec 2018
Peter Dean