Short Story Competition Judging Event

General Meeting, 7th February

Judge, Dr Trudi Tate complimented the group on the high standard of entries, both for their variety of story lines and good writing.  Her only criticism was that in stories set in other countries, some of dialogue did not always ring true.  Seven stories were commended: Contractual Obligations by Will Tate, Domestic Blisslessness by Richard Gould, Giver of Gifts by Michael English, Loss 33 by Kathy English, Pure Murder by Rik Gammak, Relief by Sonia Webb and The Leap by Harry Goode.  1st prize went to Sarah Abraham Knight for The Black Heron, 2nd was Fallen Angel by Will Tate and 3rd Promises to Keep by David Franks.

Hard copies of those entries not collected by the authors at the adjudication were taken home by @|chair/ms|.  Should you wish to retrieve your story contact her before 10th March after which date they will be shredded.

The two top winning entries are published here on

12. Feb 2012
Helen Culnane