Short Story Competition 2013

Short Story Competition

On 5th February Jeff Mackowiak delighted all present with an adjudication that sparkled with wit and insight. He had clearly enjoyed reading the 35 stories entered for our competition. He commended diversity of styles and themes in the submissions and explained why this meant that the only way to judge them was on the basis of how each worked as a story. He cited several entries, quoting passages that had particularly appealed, before announcing three commended stories then (in reverse order) the three prize winners, each of which was read aloud and greatly enjoyed.

Most of the stories are published on this website (please follow the links to the actual text).

1st prize: Of The Fathers by Alice Turner

2nd prize: The Cloth The Fates Have Woven by David Franks

3rd prize: Pure Murder by Rik Gammack

Commended: Laces by K D Trevelyan, A Chapter Of Accidents by Will Tate, Three Little Piggies by Stephen Hammond

10. Feb 2013
Helen Culnane