Couscous with Tata Hannah


I was born in Algeria, from Jewish French parents, at the time of French colonial rule. These are stories of the vanished world of Jewish North Africa.
These writings concerns my birth just before WW2 and the flight from persecution by the collaborationist Vichy regime.
My school years as a boarder in the nearest town were rich in discoveries, joys and dramas. Also included are characters and episodes from my mother's and father's backgrounds: my maternal grandfather, back from the Dardanelles, shell shocked and unable to cope with life. You will ge acquainted with Mordecai, honest and hardworking, and yet responsible for his own son tragic fate.
The compilation of episodes and stories form a tapestry rich in colours, sounds and smells, conveying an atmosphere and climate of a time and place where Christians, Jews and Arabs lived and worked side by side under the one universally acknowledged benefactor: the sun, shining equally on rich and poor over their beautiful land.

Available as an e-book.